End Users

Countdown to 9 FEB 2019

For the end users of the Verification System

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

Public and Hospital Pharmacies

In this section

·         Milestone plan for implementing the connection for end users
·         Development portal and implementation support
·         End users and FMD activity
·         Milestone plan

High level projectplan

M4 – M6 / 2018
Belgian NMVS connected to Hub in IQE
Possibility for Supply actors and Software Suppliers to test development and transactions

M6 / 2018
Belgian NMVS version 1.1 connected to IQE
Possibility for Software Suppliers with large group of end users to test development in IQE

M7 / 2018
Belgian NMVS version 1.1 connected to Hub in PROD environment
Possibility for Supply actors and Software Suppliers to start on boarding of end users in the Live environment

high level project plan

Are you already connected to the development portal?


Very soon, if not yet already now, FMD compliant packs with the 2D matrix will appear on the market. It is extremely important to start in time with the implementation for all stakeholders.

The main steps in the implementation of the connection to the Belgian Medicines Verification System (BMVS) are:

Technical connection

  • Contact your technical partner: internal department or external software vendor
  • The technical partner needs to register to the Arvato technical portal and obtain the technical documentation (see link above)
  • Technical partner to develop the business rules and connection functionality
  • Establish connection to the system and test developed routines
  • Run tests with Pilot participants
  • Receive sign off on tests
  • Technical partner to roll out the solution to all clients

Distribution stakeholder

Public pharmacy, Hospital pharmacy, Distributing Wholesaler:

You will be identified based on the master lists obtained from the relevant competent authorities (FAGG/AFMPS and RIZIV/INAMI)
In case of doubt you can always register on the registration section of this website

Other distribution stakeholders:

  1. Are you operating on behalf of a Marketing Authorisation Holder (3rd party logistics partner, no ownership of the goods, contracted manufacturing
    organisation, )?

            Contact your contracted Marketing Authorisation Holder for instructions on the connection to the EU Hub
  2. Are you owner of the goods and perform activities that require FMD related activities (see Distribution Activity Table in the registration section),
    register to the verification system in the Registration section.

High level implementation plan Main milestones

  1. All different technical systems establish connection with the Verification System by June 2018
  2. All distribution stakeholders connected by August 2018 to allow system optimisation and flowless start on 9th February 2019
Chart distribution holders