Medaxes is the Belgian association of pharmaceutical companies offering generic, biosimilar and self-care medicines, as well as other medicines and self-care products to as many people as possible. 


APB is the national federation of independent hospital pharmacists.APB’s mission is to stimulate, develop and promote the added value of the hospital pharmacist and so to contribute to a better public health by putting the health and interests of the patient central.


BACHI is the Belgian selfcare industry association which includes manufacturers of OTC medicines and healthcare products sold in pharmacy. BACHI strives to obtain recognition for the socioeconomic role played by selfcare by taking into account public health interest, the healthcare professionals and the members of the association., the General Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, is the organisation of innovative pharmaceutical companies with a branch in Belgium.
As full partner of pharmacists, hospitals, governments and other health partners, aims to promote better healthcare by encouraging therapeutic innovation in the field of human medicine.

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ABPH-BVZA (Belgian association of hospital pharmacists) is a professional association representing the Belgian hospital pharmacists at a national and international level.

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OPHACO – ASSOCIATION OF COOPERATIVE PHARMACIES OF BELGIUM- is a recognized professional association of cooperative pharmacies. The objectives of OPHACO include the quality, effectiveness, safety and accessibility of drug use at the economically most appropriate price for the patient.

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Our Pharma sector combines wholesaler distributors of medicines organized either privately or in cooperatives of pharmacies. They provide the daily distribution of medicinal products to the pharmacies in Belgium. These companies are grouped within Comeos in the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors of Medicines (NVGV).


One of the goals of BAPI is to safeguard the free movement of medicines, and to counteract any attempts to restrict the freedom of choice for the consumer through trading patterns.