Finnish customs lead a European wide operation combatting falsified medicines

Finnish customs lead a European wide operation along with Europol and the French Gendarmerie Nationale, combatting falsified medicines. 12 organised crime gangs have been dismantled, which included 165 arrests. The number of arrests in Finland has not been made public, so as not to compromise ongoing investigations. 8 million EUR worth of illegal products were seized, which is around 36 million pills. Both falsified medicines and medicines used for non-prescribed purposes were involved, including cancer medication, antihistamines, analgesics and sleeping tablets. The legal medicine supply chain uses the Finnish Medicines Verification system to ensure falsifications cannot enter the market. Please remember to always buy your medicine from a licensed pharmacy!

Source: FiMVO

Transition period

FAGG/AFMPS has published a communication indicating that the transition period in Belgium will be extended until September 1st.


The Belgian Medicines Agency (FAGG/AFMPS) has published a document with practical recommendations for the implementation of FMD

Please find the information here

The Belgian Medicines Agency (FAGG/AFMPS) has published the legislation related to FMD.

You can find the information here (NL) (FR)


2D matrix code

Reminder from the Belgian Authorities (Medicines Agency) with regards to the Human Readable text next to the 2D matrix code:

The product code (GTIN) must always be preceded by “PC”

The serial number (UI) must always be preceded by “SN”

New legislation

The Belgian national institute for health insurance RIZIV/INAMI has published new legislation related to the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive, more specifically concerning the replacement of the linear unique barcodes with the 2D matrix information (FMD unique codes).

Hereby the related documents: