Information on our use of cookies

Cookies are small text or number files that are stored to the hard disk of the computer of website visitors. Cookies contain information such as the language preference of the surfer, to prevent him/her from having to enter this information again with each next visit to the same website. Some cookies enable a website to be displayed in a graphically correct manner, other cookies ensure the proper functioning of a website application, etc.

Our Website uses cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your preferences for use from those of other users. This helps us to offer you a better user experience and allows us to optimise our Website. Cookies make the interaction between our Website and our users easier and faster. For example, they help you navigate between the different sections of our Website. By identifying you through a cookie, we ensure that you do not have to enter the same data each time. We also use cookies to personalise the content of our Website and make this more interesting for our users (for example, by tailoring the content to your personal interests). In addition, we use cookies to analyse your surfing behaviour (for example, how often and for how long certain pages are visited, in what way the interaction between various pages takes place, etc.). Statistic results enable us to improve our Website where necessary by responding to the preferences and needs of our users. 

Cookies and similar technologies do not allow for our systematic collection of data that can identify the users of our Website. They help us to improve the functioning of our Website, to better respond to the interests of our users, and to measure the efficacy of the content of our Website.



When you first visit our Website, you will be asked to accept this Privacy & Cookie Policy. For optimal use of our Website, you need to accept the cookies. 

You can do so through the browser settings, or by explicitly accepting our Privacy & Cookie Policy on registration or during a visit to our Website. For certain cookies, you can also do this by continuing to surf on our Website after seeing a “cookie warning” during your first visit to our Website. 

You can disable or block certain cookies through your web browser. Below you will find how you can do this for the most common web browsers: 

* Chrome:

* Firefox:

* Safari:

* Internet Explorer:

Please note that if you disable or do not accept cookies, you will not be able to make (optimum) use of (certain parts of) our Website.  

Please note too that you cannot adjust all types of cookies in this way. Certain functionally necessary cookies and statistics cookies cannot be adjusted, as these cookies are necessary for the functioning of our Website or for collecting general information on the way in which our users use the Website. The data we collect through these cookies are always anonymous.



We may use various types of cookies on our Website, e.g. cookies that save your preferred language; security cookies; cookies that save your registration or login details; cookies that save certain preferences (e.g. for receiving newsletters, localization of region, etc.); cookies that save certain interests; cookies used for statistical research in order to optimize the form, content, or structure of our Website or for analysing the surfing behaviour or the origin of visitors, always on the basis of anonymous data (e.g. Google Analytics cookies); tracking cookies that enable us or partners to send, based on anonymous data, suggestions to users through newsletters, etc. 

Below you will find a detailed list of cookies we use on our Website:


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the analytics tool of Google that helps operators of websites understand how their visitors interact with their website. Google Analytics may use a set of cookies to collect information and to report statistics on the use of the website, without the identity of visitors being reported to Google. The most important cookie used by Google Analytics is the ‘__ga’-cookie. For more information, see


2 years

WordPress cookies

Our Website uses WordPress cookies when you log in as a user of our website or post comments on a blog post. These cookies are used to remember your username. 

0 days

WPML cookies

WPML cookies are placed when selecting the language on our Website (_icl_current_language), and  when redirecting from one language to another (_icl_visitor_lang_js). WPML cookies are used to remember your language preference. 

1 day