November 2023

In our previous webinar, we announced the planning of a follow-up session.

In this new webinar, we will go into the technical details of the alert management.

There are 2 sessions planned:

19 December 3 pm – save your seat here

20 December 3 pm – save your seat here

October 2023


Since the 1st of July 2023, the Belgian “National Medicines Verification System” (NMVS) is connected to the “European Alert Management System” (EAMS) via a “National Alert Management System” (NAMS).

A real-time treatment of the EU FMD alerts in the pharmacy and wholesaler software is now possible, and the Belgian NCA (FAGG -AFMPS) therefore decided to switch to a full implementation of the EU-FMD within a few months.

To inform our users about this, we organised a number of webinars in September and October for each specific target group (pharmacists, wholesalers, MAH).

You can find the notes of this webinar here 

If you have any questions about this webinar, please contact our support team at support@bemvo.be.