BeMVO vzw is the organisation in Belgium, set up specifically for FMD, which manages the entire process.

BeMVO is responsible for building and managing the technical system for monitoring and validating codes for medicines. BeMVO’s members are Medaxes (generic, biosimilar and self-care medicine industry), (innovative medicines industry), Bachi (prescription-free medicines industry), BAPI (parallel import medicine industry), APB (independent retail pharmacists), Ophaco (cooperative pharmacies), NVGV (wholesale distributors) and BVZA (hospital pharmacists).


  • BeMVO ensures a secure and reliable pharmaceutical supply chain in Belgium, supported by a robust National Medicines Verification System (NMVS).
  • We strive to optimize the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) while exploring opportunities within the legal framework.


  • BeMVO’s mission is to safeguard the pharmaceutical supply chain through the effective implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).
  • We are committed to ensuring the utmost data security. 
  • Furthermore, we recognize the importance of providing relevant and valuable data that is currently available or could potentially be made available to authorities, in accordance with the delegated regulation, for the purposes of pharmaco-epidemiology and pharmaco-surveillance.
  • By raising awareness among the public, we aim to highlight the protective measures provided by the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) when patients receive medicines from Belgian pharmacies or hospitals.


Medaxes - organisation of the Belgian generic and biosimilar pharmaceutical industry.

Antoon Daneels - PRESIDENT

Medaxes is the organisation of the Belgian generic and biosimilar pharmaceutical industry. Medaxes provides tailor-made counsel for its members and is committed to a healthcare that is accessible to all.

apb - algemene pharmaceutische bond association pharmaceutique belge

Michael Storme - Vice-president & Treasurer

APB is the national federation of independent pharmacists. APB’s mission is to stimulate, develop and promote the added value of the pharmacist and so to contribute to a better public health by putting the health and interests of the patient central

bachi - Belgian selfcare industry association

Marc Gryseels - Board Member

BACHI is the Belgian selfcare industry association, which includes manufacturers of OTC medicines and healthcare products sold in pharmacy. BACHI strives to obtain recognition for the socioeconomic role played by selfcare by taking into account public health interest, the healthcare professionals and the members of the association.

ABPH-BVZA (Belgian association of hospital pharmacists)

Marc De Schepper - Board member

ABPH-BVZA (Belgian association of hospital pharmacists) is a professional association representing the Belgian hospital pharmacists at a national and international level.


Valérie De Block - Board member

OPHACO – ASSOCIATION OF COOPERATIVE PHARMACIES OF BELGIUM- is a recognized professional association of cooperative pharmacies. The objectives of OPHACO include the quality, effectiveness, safety and accessibility of drug use at the economically most appropriate price for the patient.

Marie Vande Ginste - Board member, the General Association of the Innovative Medicines Industry, brings together about 130 innovative biopharmaceutical companies operating in Belgium which focus on research and development of new medicinal products for both human and veterinary use. As a committed partner of physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, authorities, and other health partners,’s mission is to promote the best healthcare for patients.

nvgv angr

Céline Driessen - Board member

Our Pharma sector combines wholesaler distributors of medicines organized either privately or in cooperatives of pharmacies. They provide the daily distribution of medicinal products to the pharmacies in Belgium. These companies are grouped within Comeos in the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors of Medicines (NVGV).


Pieter Boudrez - Board member

One of the goals of BAPIE is to safeguard the free movement of medicines, and to counteract any attempts to restrict the freedom of choice for the consumer through trading patterns.


Philippe Coene - General Manager Bemvo
Anne Carion - Admin Bemvo
Evelyne Goudezeune - QA Manager Bemvo

Philippe Coene

Anne Carion

Evelyne Goudezeune

General Manager


QA Manager

Yasmine Scholliers - Customer Service Bemvo
Kelly De Waegeneer - Customer Service Bemvo

Yasmine Scholliers

Kelly De Waegeneer

Customer Support

Customer Support